Friday, October 06, 2006

Khosla Ka Ghosla - IV

Amongst the performers, Boman Irani as the builder Kishen Khurana is his usual self, brilliant! Although the length of his role is not great, but he does manage to pack a punch into the character of Khurana, especially with his mannerisms of threatening Mr. Khosla during their first meeting, his adjusting / scratching his crotch everytime he got out of the car, his weakness for women etc.

Parvin Dabas was decent and Tara Sharma needs to take serious (and immediate) course on dialogue delivery. Kiron Juneja was also endearing.

However the surprise packet of the film is Ranvir Shorey as the good for nothing older son of Mr. Khosla. His sincerity comes effortlessly on screen and his Punjabi dialogue delivery is first rate. Equally effective is Vinay Pathak as the visa agent (and one who was working for the builder Khurana and knows all about the tricks of his trade) is in good form as well. As an aside, these two talented actors, i.e., Vinay Pathak and Ranvir Shorey are hilarious in a stand up comedy show on Star One called "The Comedy Show Ha Ha Ha" which was earlier known as The Great Indian Comedy Show. Sometimes the humour is flat but generally these guys are quite funny. If anyone of you has not seen them yet, I’d strongly recomment it. The show is aired from Monday to Wednesday at 10.30 pm on Star One.

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