Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sanjeev Kumar - I

I have received a request from one of the anonymous visitors on my blog that he wanted me to write something about the life and career of Sanjeev Kumar. Hence, in my next few posts, I will discuss Sanjeev Kumar's humble beginnings in life generally, as an actor and his rise as one of the most talented actor Hindi film industry has ever seen.

Sanjeev Kumar was born on July 9, 1938 in a poor Gujarati family. His original name was Harihar Jariwala but he took on Sanjeev Kumar as his screen name for coming into movies. After studying acting in a film school, he joined Hindi films. He made his Bollywood debut with Homi Wadia's Ali Baba And the 40 Thieves (1954). However his first break as a lead actor came with Nishan (1965) directed by Aspi Irani. The movie had Sanjeev Kumar as the lead actor with Nazima as leading actress, Prem Chopra and Helen as the supporting cast.

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