Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Don - IV

However, from the television interviews of Farhan Akhtar, it seems that he has made slight changes to the story line of Don and keeping the same in sync with today’s generation.. Another departure apparently is that Farhan Akhtar’s Don is meaner, more suave and very stylish.

Unfortunately, it seems Shahrukh Khan has put in lot of effort to act (read ham) to look mean as the Don and I think that this may be the reason for him not succeeding as Don. One look at Shahrukh Khan’s filmography as a mean, negative or action oriented role, and it would be clear that he has not had great run either at the box office or for critical acclaim save and except Darr and Baazigar.

He’s had pretty disastrous outings as a baddie / action oriented roles viz., Anjaam, One Two Ka Four, Ram Jaane, Duplicate etc. Anyways, this would be another test for the great Shahrukh Khan to prove his mettle as an actor considering his movies that have done earth-shattering business till date have only been candy-floss mushy and romantic films. Although very little, but Shahrukh Khan has made some of these above attempts at playing negative / bad / action oriented roles but with very little success.

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