Saturday, September 09, 2006

Omkara - IV

One of the negatives in the film may have been the language. Although, the story and Uttar Pradesh settings demanded use of such language, the local Uttar Pradesh dialect can be difficult to understand. Which probably was one reason why the movie could have done even better than what it already is. Needlessly to say that the movie is both, critical and (huge) commercial hit.

Another negative is the excessive use of expletives in the film. I guess the story demanded use of expletives. Although I’m not too sure, but the use of the foul language in the film makes it difficult for a whole family to watch the film together. Nonetheless, I think that the cuss words were very effective to the narrative of the film. After the release of the film, there was this big hype about use of foul language and actually somebody had taken the producers and director of Omkara to court to cut out the expletives. Of course, the court said that if the censor board has passed the film with the expletives so be it and the request was rightly turned down by the court.

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