Tuesday, April 17, 2007

52nd Filmfare Awards - VIII

Filmfare Power AwardYash Chopra – I have not yet understood the importance (and most importantly, the need) for this award. For the last couple of years, Filmfare has introduced this award category and it probably is an Indian version of Hollywood’s 100 most Powerful People. Even when it is tested on the basis of the “philosophy”of the Filmfare Awards which is giving out awards to popular films and performances, this award does not stand on its ground. However, I am sure Filmfare would not be complaining if they get to cozy up to one of the most powerful men in the Bollywood.

Lifetime Achievement AwardJaved Akhtar and Jaya Bachchan – I do not understand why would Filmfare give this award to two people at a time. I have not come across any international film awards where they give the Lifetime Achievement Awards to more than one person in a year. I am sure Filmfare had their own reasons for giving out this award to two people. Javed Akhtar did not come as a surprise but Jaya Bachchan was indeed a surprise!


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