Monday, May 29, 2006

The Killer - Inspired from Collateral

Just yesterday (May 28, 2006), I was watching TV and saw the trailer of "The Killer" starring Irfan Khan, Emraan Hashmi and Nisha Kothari. There were names of two directors whose name I couldn't remember, but they both seem to be new. However, I faintly recollect that the movie is being produced by Mukesh Bhatt. But I will verify and update this post.

Unfortunately, it looked like a very bad copy of Collateral (directed by Michael Mann and starring Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx and Jada Pinkett Smith). The trailer didn't even look interesting or appealing (poor production value!!!)

Just imagine:

Irfan Khan as Tom Cruise;
Emraan Hashmi as Jamie Foxx; and
Nisha Kothari as Jada Pinkett Smith. I'm not sure if she's playing her role because Jada Pinkett Smith didn't have an item song in Collateral.

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