Saturday, May 06, 2006

Tathastu - Is Sanjay Dutt doing a John Q

Has anybody seen the trailers of TATHASTU on TV lately? It stars Sanjay Dutt and Amisha Patel and for some strange reason, I feel that it’s been ‘inspired’ from the Hollywood flick John Q starring the super-stud Denzel Washington.

I have just seen the 20-30 second teaser of TATHASTU on TV and the movie is releasing on May 12, 2006. And I have a feeling that our Sanju Baba is doing a Denzel in this movie.

John Q is about this average guy called John who is a factory worker and his struggle to get a heart transplant for his son (whose heart has become useless). John cannot afford the cost of transplantation of the heart for his son as his insurance plan is not good enough. And if the transplant is not made, his son would die.

John and his wife make all the efforts to raise monies for their son’s medical expenses but in vain.

One fine day, John goes to a hospital with a hidden gun and he holds the hospital at gunpoint, threatening to kill the hostages if his son does not get the heart transplant.

The story is about what happens next and whether John manages to get a heart transplant for his son.

Now, let’s just wait and watch if Sanjay Dutt is doing a John Q in TATHASTHU.

Will keep everyone posted on this blogspot.

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