Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Perfect Film - I

I have always wondered what would it be like to direct a PERFECT FILM? Meaning, if a director makes a film which is perfect in all regards i.e., story, script, casting, performances, music, direction and to top it all, box office collections as well as critical acclaim. Based on the above criteria (which are illustrative only), there are many such Hindi films which qualify as perfect films. Of course, this is entirely my thinking and it may not find many takers. Personally, I find that these films have very little flaws in them. Of course, cant say that they are flawless, but on a conservative basis, I prefer to say that the flaws in such movies are minimal and almost non-existant.

Some of the perfect films that come immediatley to my mind are:

1. Sholay (Ramesh Sippy) - This is my all time favourite film (as would be already known if you've read my previous posts) and hence has to top the list.

2. Mother India (Mehboob Khan) - Arguably, one of the better films to be churned out by Hindi film industry and probably the best performances from Nargis and Sunil Dutt.

It is said that the romance between Nargis and Sunil Dutt started on the sets of Mother India. There was a huge fire on the sets of the film and Sunil Dutt saved Nargis from the fire.

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