Thursday, June 29, 2006

Woh 7 Din

The character of Prem Pratap Patialawale essayed by Anil Kapoor in Who 7 Din (1983) directed by Bapu was originally supposed to have been done by Sanjeev Kumar. However, I read in one of the interviews that the producers could not afford to pay Sanjeev Kumar and hence the role went to Anil Kapoor. And Anil Kapoor couldnt' have had a better launching pad for his career as this movie definitely was a big hit and a great beginning to his career. Incientally, the movie was produced by Anil Kapoor's father's production company and Boney Kapoor.


Anonymous said...

I have always been a big fan of Sanjeev Kumar, his effortless rendition of the most complicated scenes in a most natural manner and the diversity of roles he has played through his career. Was interested in your comments and if you had any more details on his background and career.

pappupager said...

Hey Anonumous,

Do I know you? Were you the same person who had posted a comment on Sholay?

Anyways, I will definitely post some interesting stuff about Sanjeev Kumar on my blogspot. If you check out some of my previous posts in May, there's lot of trivia I have put about Sholay, other miscellaneous stuff and some relating to Sanjeev Kumar. In any case, I will do justice and do a full reporting on Sanjeev Kumar. Personally, I'm a big fan of Sanjeev Kumar as well.

Thanks for checking out my blogspot. I would really welcome more comments / requests / criticisms from you. And would love it if you can spread the word around (to people who are as crazy about Bollywood as you and me are) about my blogspot.

I will put up Sanjeev Kumar facotids in a day or two.

Keep watching this space.

pappupager said...

Dear Anonymous,

I have put up quite a few posts on Sanjeev Kumar (10 to be precise) and I will be adding a couple of more posts in the course of today. It would pretty much capture Sanjeev Kumar's acting career and some of his personal highs and downs in life.

Trust you find this interesting.

Keep visiting my blogs and let those requests come in.